Cancer Awareness for the LGBTQIA+


Project Team:

+ Audrey Murty

+ Linley Regalado (Graphic Designer)

+ Sarah Armakan (Graphic Designer)

+ Yin Wang (Product Designer)



Through the DesignMatters program, we worked on a Cedars-Sinai sponsored project in collaboration with their Research Center for Health Equity and various community organisations. The goal was to create an awareness campaign to provide HPV resources and encourage vaccinations.

Healthcare involves a complicated dialogue and HPV, in particular, presents its own set of stigmas—we wanted to bring back the focus on the LGBTQIA+ community and advocate for "an act of self-love".

We made use of the versatility of online platforms, especially since they can be shared easily amongst a wide demographic.

UC Santa Barbara:

Benioff Ocean Initiative

These posters were finalised for the Benioff Ocean Initiative with the guidance of UCSB  researchers, to be used as part of their awareness campaign regarding ship strikes and whale population recovery.

Klub Buku Narasi

Klub Buku Narasi is the largest online community for Indonesian book lovers—I reached out to their creative director for a volunteering opportunity and was able to work with them to create several illustrations that contribute to their ongoing reading and literacy campaign.

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